Ah, the joys of tolerance.

Sydney, Australia has begun to learn them after opening several Muslim-friendly restaurants that serve only halal food that is permissible to be eaten under Shariah law.

One of those restaurants is featured in this video of a Muslim man who completely loses itwhen a customer, apparently unaware that he was in a halal-only KFC, asked for bacon on his sandwich.

The video shows the KFC employee yelling — screaming, really — about being recorded. He also threatens the customer.

Apparently he really, really doesn’t like the word “bacon.”

Great customer service at those halal-only KFCs, as you can see.

Eventually the unnamed man is led away by other employees while he continues to rant like a three year old, and he was reportedly suspended and offered counseling after the occurrence.

Here’s the short video, courtesy of Right Wing News:

I have to give props to the customer-turned-videographer, who doesn’t yell back or react in any significant way, other than making the recording.

Too often those of us who want to stand up for our rights find ourselves sinking to the level of the opposition — whether it be liberal, Democrat, radical Muslim, some combination of the three, or something else entirely.

Just because the other side raves like some sort of lunatic doesn’t mean that we need to — in fact, it really helps prove our point when they do and we don’t.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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