SHOCK Video Shows What DISGUSTING Muslim Man Did To White Woman In Public

A racially charged video shows a Muslim man in Britain abusing white people and saying they look like pork. The Muslim man can be seen cursing at people, yelling at them, and at the end, it appears as though he HITS and spits on a woman.

That’s when the camera cut off, probably because she was wiping spit out of her eye or protecting herself in the event he struck her again.

It’s stated that authorities in the area of the racially abusive Muslim video are investigating the situation.

Watch the video:

Shocking video out of Britain shows a Muslim man hurling insults and racially abusing a white man by telling him he looks like pork.

What started the dispute is unknown, but the clip begins with the Muslim man taking a picture of another man’s license plate while hurling insults.

“You son of a b*tch!” he tells the man before he walks over to a woman who is filming the confrontation and takes a photo of her.

“Get that f*cking phone out of my face before I smack it one, you son of a b*tch!” he tells her.

The Muslim man then continues to berate his original target.

“Look at you – you eat pork and you look like pork, you f*cking pig – you f*cking p*ssy!” he yells.

It’s hard to tell what the sparked the confrontation as we don’t see the beginning of the event. We also don’t know how it ended, but it’s safe to assume the people involved went their own way and nothing else happened after the camera was shut off.

The question here is this – what if a white or black person did this? What if a white person yelled racially charged insults at someone of a different color or religion? What if a black person did it? Would those people be held to a higher standard? Would they be called racist?

Will this Muslim face hate crime charges or a slap on the wrist? He DID strike a woman, so there’s at least one crime. Considering his use of racially charged words, it’s safe to say this could be labeled a hate crime.

What do you think happens to the Muslim when the police catch up with him?

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