VIDEO: Obama-Backed “Moderate” Syrian Rebels Threaten To Kill American Special Forces

One of the biggest problems in arming the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels to fight ISIS is that we truly don’t know who the moderates are. Just think of post cases where we’ve armed insurgents, such as the Mujahideen during the Cold War to fight the Russians – only to have many of them later morph into Al-Qaeda and The Taliban.

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The same is true of the so-called moderates in Syria. A video went viral last month of one such “moderate” group of rebels beheading a 12 year old boy, which I won’t link to for obvious reasons – and how many other groups have members who would do the same? Most of the dozens of groups fighting in the Syrian Civil War have some sort of ideological motivation, and even “moderate” Muslims could change their tune when they have the power to influence government.

It’s too late now though, as the House voted to arm Syrian rebels back in 2014, and John McCain was a huge proponent of it. And how is that working out? Let’s take a peak…

As WeaselZippers reported:

Video footage appears to show US commandos fleeing a Syrian town under a barrage of abuse and insults hurled at them by fighters from the American-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel group.

The video appears to be the first evidence of US special forces cooperating with Turkish troops in their battle against Islamic State (Isil).

The incident illustrates the complex web of alliances and enmities in Syria, where many of America’s allies are fighting each other and some rebel groups that receive US support still harbour strong anti-American sentiments.

The footage shows a crowd of rebel fighters in the town of al-Rai near the Turkish border, which was captured from Isil by Syrian rebel groups with the backing of Turkey. Turkey, which launched a military incursion into Syria in late August, has been backing the FSA.

The fighters scream anti-American chants as a column of pick-up trucks carrying US commandos drives away from them.
“Christians and Americans have no place among us,” shouts one man in the video. “They want to wage a crusader war to occupy Syria.”

Another man calls out: “The collaborators of America are dogs and pigs. They wage a crusader war against Syria and Islam. ”

The US troops are not wearing traditional uniform but they carry American weapons and are wearing the distinctive round helmets favoured by US special forces.

Two days ago, the U.S. admitted that we may have possibly accidentally bombed Syrian forces in an airstrike that was meant for ISIS. However, when Syrian forces (who are supposed to be our allies) are threatening us, could that strike have been intentional, and we just claimed it was meant for ISIS as cover up?

Just when you thought the Syrian Civil War couldn’t get even more complicated, it did.

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