(VIDEO) Obama to Keep More Troops in Afghanistan For Longer


Just kidding!

(Truth Revolt) President Obama has given up on plans to cut U.S. troops in Afghanistan to about 5,000 by the end of 2015, and instead will keep nearly twice that in country — with no full withdrawal date in sight.

Top military advisers have pushed for keeping more troops there, but Obama twice campaigned on withdrawing from Afghanistan. But instead of pulling out, Obama will increase the number in country to battle al Qaeda and to monitor Islamic State militants trying to recruit in Afghanistan.

The new Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, has pushed for slowing the withdrawal. The move comes after the U.S. pulled out of Iraq, only to see city after city fall to ISIS. 

Obama has claimed that the Taliban and al Qaeda have been all but dismantled, but military experts say that’s far from reality. Despite more than 14 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. military has failed to destroy the Taliban, which has regrouped and grown in strength. 

“In testimony before [Sen. John] McCain’s committee last month, Gen. John Campbell, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said he has seen evidence of recruiting by IS and signs that that some Taliban members are breaking off and declaring allegiance to that group,” the AP reported. 

How about Iraq? 

—Courtesy of Truth Revolt

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