Obamacare mastermind Jonathan Gruber was just recently discovered to be a serial liar.

But it wasn’t his fault. The media ignored footage from the MIT professor saying what he meant for years.

The new footage in question involves the Affordable Care Act architect giving testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, aired on C-SPAN3.

(I have to wonder just how inconsequential and idiotic you have to be to not even make C-SPAN2, but this is neither here nor there.)

“Mr. Gruber, do you know what a tax is?” Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, asked Gruber. “I mean, do you have expertise in economics? Do you know what a tax is?”

“Yes,” Gruber responded.

“So you would not deny today, in these statements that you made, that Obamacare is a tax, would you?” Turner asked.

“Obamacare is a large piece of legislation with many parts,” Gruber stated.

“And is one of those parts a tax, Mr. Gruber?” Turner asked.

“There are some taxes in Obamacare, yes,” Gruber said.

When Turner pointed out that the Obama administration did not consider Obamacare a tax until the case was before the Supreme Court and the taxation argument was the only one left to it, Gruber was more evasive about whether Obamacare constituted a duty.

“I don’t agree with their conclusion about the mandate,” Gruber said in terms of the Supreme Court’s conclusion that Obamacare was a tax.

Watch the video here:

Believe it or not, my problem isn’t with Mr. Gruber.

Gruber merely said what nobody was willing to say about a bill that wouldn’t be passed without subterfuge.

While Gruber is a serial liar, he was merely carrying out something the administration has lied about for years.

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