[VIDEO] Outrage Over Photo Showing Baby Wrapped in American Flag


Online outrage seems to be growing over a photo of a very young baby being held wrapped in the American flag.

The photo was posted online following a photoshoot with a family by photographer Vanessa Hicks.

Hicks told a local news agency that the photo she did for a friend was initially well received. “I mean — before all this, they loved it,” said Hicks. “The mom shared it on her Facebook page. The grandmother was there and loved it. I had gotten nothing but positive feedback,” she said.

However when Hicks, who is a Navy veteran who is married to an active duty sailor, posted the photo online it went viral for several reasons.

Some people loved the photo and simply wanted to share it. However, others accused Hicks of being disrespectful to the flag, veterans and the military.

Others criticized the photo as simply being bad photography.

What do you think? Much ado about nothing or do the people complaining make some valid points?

—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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