VIDEO: Pilot Orders Obama Out Of Chopper Didn’t Salute Marine

This footage is from May 24th, 2013, but is making the rounds again. Today is a good day, being 9/11, to showcase yet one more example of how disrespectful Obama is to our military.

As Obama rushed to board Marine One on the way to Annapolis, he walked right past a Marine at attention. Many claim that the pilot ordered Obama out of the chopper to address the Marine. That may have happened, but is highly unlikely. What probably happened is the pilot gently reminded Obama that he had overlooked the Marine. Obama went back out and instead of saluting the Marine the way a Commander-in-Chief should, he shook his hand. It was lame and very unpresidential.

From Conservative Post:

VIDEO: Pilot orders Obama out of chopper didn’t salute marine.

The pilot refused to let President Obama board until he honored the Marine.

The major news outlets ran with this story. I saw it at the time and it registered the normal amount of disgust I have for the man overall.

Marine One is typically accompanied or met on the ground by at least one Marine in full dress uniform. Obama was on his way to the U.S. Naval Academy graduation ceremony in Annapolis, MD. You’d think considering the event he was heading to he would have been extra mindful of the Marine saluting him. You would have thought wrong.

No regulation specifies that the President of the United States, a civilian who holds the position of Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, should salute (or return the salutes of) military personnel. In fact, U.S. Army regulations state that neither civilians nor those wearing civilian attire are required to render salute.

Although other presidents have rendered salutes from time to time on special occasions (such as awards ceremonies or troop reviews), the returning of presidential salutes did not become commonplace until President Reagan broke with protocol and tradition and began the practice in 1981.

It is unlikely the pilot reprimanded Obama as that would be insubordination. However, I’m sure he was gently reminded of the Marine outside waiting. Wouldn’t want bad footage for the presidential library, now would we?

If that had been President Reagan, I know for a fact he would have saluted the Marine. It is tradition and honor at play. But with Obama you have none of that. He only went back and shook the Marine’s hand because it was bad optics not to.

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