VIDEO: Prime Example Of What’s Wrong With Welfare… This Will Make You SICK To Your Stomach

via CT: If you’ve had any doubts about the mindset of those who choose to abuse the welfare system, this video should change your mind.

If you’ve believed that all recipients on food stamps and other governmental assistance programs are facing honest-to-goodness hardships, this should change your mind about that, too.

The following video was uploaded to LiveLeak and, while we do not know exactly who the woman is or when this took place, it demonstrated how so many people absolutely abuse the system.

It also represents the mindset of those who blatantly misuse those funds and do so with a smiles across their faces.

This woman was ecstatic when she saw that she had received a letter from the government. According to the video, she’d been waiting to hear about her benefits since 2013.

Any other time, I’d take this opportunity to illustrate the complete incompetence of the government, but considering the outcome of this situation, I’ll pass.

Once this woman realizes what “fully favorable” means, she acts as though she had won the lottery. In a way, she did.

This welfare queen just won the welfare lottery and this video is enough to make every hard-working, tax-paying citizen who paid into her benefits sick to his stomach.

Government assistance is for those who are truly needy and isn’t meant to be long term. People like this woman bleed the system dry and prove that it needs to be completely overhauled with stricter regulations, including a tighter screening process, if not eliminated altogether and replaced with private charity work.

While some states like Wisconsin, Maine and Indiana are working to revamp legislation to make it more difficult to abuse the welfare system, this woman proves that some still have a long way to go.

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