I’ve always thought petty college Marxists burning the flag was a bit self-defeating.

I mean, there’s something a bit hypocritical about burning the flag of a nation that not only defends your right to do it, but where young men and women will volunteer to possibly die for your right to do it

Of course, those who volunteer to defend this country are significantly less impressed with the collegiate Marxists that tend to commit such acts than the American judicial system is.

They also tend to exercise their right to free speech more freely, just like these two veterans did.

The video begins with a protester on a Vespa (note to future liberal protesters: when trying to convey an image of strength and the all-American tradition of free speech, please consider a vehicle other than a Vespa) riding in circles in traffic with an upside-down American flag hanging off of the back of his scooter. [H/T TPNN.]

Off camera, two men who are apparently veterans of the Marines notice the man circling and start running after the scooter.

The man on the scooter drops the flag (increasing the getaway speed by at least two miles per hour), after which it’s picked up by one of the veterans and turned the right way around.

The second veteran is seen running after the Vespa, moving at what I can only assume is full throttle. The Vespa won, but barely.

Warning: Video contains language not suitable for work or children.

After they took the flag, another hirsute protester in a fluorescent hard-hat (no, I have no idea, either) came up to them apparently to argue.

While mostly inaudible, one can hear one of the marines going, “We served our f****** country, and that’s bulls***!” Good for them.

The American flag stands not just for our country, and not just for the ideas espoused in the American Constitution.

It stands for men and women who have served and died on battlefields with hallowed names like Bunker Hill, Antietam, Gallipoli, Normandy, and Fallujah.

The flag is not an accessory for you to display as you exhibit epicene angst against what is, I can only assume, the country of your birth.

Men and women better than you or I have died, and continue to die, for the principles that flag stands for. Pay it respect.


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