VIDEO: Reporter Captures Horrifying Footage of Anti-Jewish “No-Go Zone”


Due to the recent uptick in radical Islamist terrorist attacks, especially in various parts of Europe, a growing number of media outlets are reporting on a growing concern in hundreds of European cities.

No-go zones,” as they’ve been labeled, are areas or even entire cities that are unofficially controlled by Muslims inside of Europe and possibly some parts of the U.S. The zones are all but off-limits to local law enforcement and residents of nearby cities and towns don’t dare cross into their territory out of fear of physical, violent confrontation.

One Swedish news reporter, Peter Lindgren, recently discovered a no-go zone in his otherwise pleasant country, in the city of Malmo. He took to the streets for an investigative report, sporting a hidden camera and microphone and wearing a Jewish yarmulke along with a Star of David necklace. (H/T Breitbart)

As he began his three-hour stroll around the city, he was immediately subject to name calling, such as “Satan Jew” and “Jewish S**t.” Other radical Muslims demanded he leave “their city” immediately. It’d be one thing if he were strolling through the streets of Yemen – but again, this is Sweden.

This is happening in a Western country.

When Lindgren would walk in to certain areas of the city that were predominantly Muslim, he was even confronted and swarmed by gangs of Muslims, demanding to know why he was there and that he should leave.

No wonder the police are apprehensive when it comes to the Muslim no-go zones – they would be outnumbered and likely out-gunned within seconds.

The report, which was part of an hour-long documentary uploaded to YouTube, described the fear that the few Jewish residents of the city experience every day, saying they “are afraid to leave their homes; many want to leave the city and do not want their children to grow up there.”

The spread of Islamic anti-Semitism in Sweden and other European countries is sweeping the continent, leaving Jewish people no choice but to flee to Israel and other safe areas, which are few, to raise their families and attempt to lead a normal life.

There have been reports saying that Sweden has more than fifty no-go zones.

Without a group effort by the U.S. and European countries to close off the valve of radical Islam, it’s unfortunate to report that this is likely only the beginning of a problem that could completely devastate the West.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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