VIDEO: Reporter Does Not Let DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile Get Away With Lying To American Voters

Was Donna Brazile caught lying and avoiding the questions from journalist Jordan Charitan? You can tell she is agitated and digressing to a normal tactic of getting out of a heated situation and blowing steam in the reporters face and leaving the area.

Typical leftist behavior.

Donna Brazile said “the democratic party was a victim of a cyber crime” but that doesn’t mean the emails hacked don’t exist. If someone hacked the DNC emails and found nothing, then we wouldn’t be talking about it and reading the emails like they’re the next edition of the Bible.

I heard Jesus was coming back to Earth, but no one said it was in the form of 30,000+ hacked emails! This is like finding the other end of a rainbow, but since rainbows are round, you can’t find the other side, so this is BETTER!


YEAH JORDAN! I don’t know you personally, but you CRUSHED IT in this interview. Nice work pointing out the fact that we have no proof about who hacked the democrats. And, to be honest, no one really cares who hacked the democrats. If the democrats had nothing to hide, then no one would care to hack them. But once you uncover the nonsense of the democratic party, then they get all worked up and defensive.

How come no one is hacking the GOP? I’m not saying the GOP is the best party in every aspect, but why aren’t other countries hacking them and releasing their emails? Is the GOP boring? Was the GOP already hacked, but nothing entertaining was found, so no one released them because it would bore us more than watching reruns of The View?

If there’s one thing we learn from this video, it’s that the left keeps spouting nonsense and I think Americans might be getting sick of it.

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