VIDEO: Sheriff Clarke Publicly Takes on Eric Holder Before Congress


Recently, the Senate held confirmation hearings for Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace the contemptible Eric Holder as the next attorney general of the United States.

One of those who was brought in to testify before Congress during the confirmation hearings was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who had some strong words for the outgoing Holder.

Sheriff Clarke absolutely shredded Holder before Congress for his blatantly obvious contempt for our nation’s law enforcement officers.

“The incendiary rhetoric used by Eric Holder created the pathway for a false narrative that then became the rallying cry for cop-haters across America,” Clarke said. “It sparked unjustified hatred towards America’s law enforcement agencies and its officers.”

“Without a shred of evidence, a broad brush has been used to unfairly malign the reputation of the profession of policing in the United States,” he added.

Clarke also completely rejected the false assumption that cops target black, according to BizPac Review.

“That claim is patently false and I reject out of hand the mere suggestion of it,” he said. “If I’m wrong, then someone needs to show me the evidence.”

Sheriff Clarke went on to call on Lynch to go above and beyond her predecessor to fix the damaged relationship between the Justice Department and the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

“For the nation’s sake, please stop undermining the character and integrity of the American law enforcement officer,” he said.

Loretta Lynch is still something of an unknown, at least when it comes to how she will act if confirmed as attorney general. On the one hand, she does seem more intent on upholding the law, as opposed to Holder, who liked to pick and choose which laws were enforced.

On the other hand, however, Lynch has been nominated by Obama, which should say something about her ideological outlook on things, as we know where Obama stands.

But hopefully Sheriff Clarke’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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