VIDEO: Sheriffs in This State Just Looked Gun Grabbers in the Eye and Told Them to Shove It


via Conservative Tribune: About two weeks ago, the Oregon state Senate passed a bill that would mandate background checks on all private gun sales and transfers.

Immediately after the bill’s passage, several sheriffs from across the state blasted it for being both unreasonable and foolhardy.

On Wednesday, a number of these sheriffs showed up to testify against this bill, which is now being considered by the House.

“My fear with SB 941 is that these citizens will now be at risk of being charged and prosecuted for acts they have done several times before with no negative effect on our community,” said Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson.

Exactly. Private gun sales and transfers occur every single day between law-abiding friends, family members and business associates.

All this bill would do, argued Svensen, is basically criminalize these acts while offering citizens no “additional protection” from actual criminals.

Douglass County Sheriff John Hanlin echoed this sentiment when he noted that we already have laws “that prohibit the possession of other things, like methamphetamines,” yet criminals still buy, sell and consume meth every single day.

He added, “What I fear most is that we are going to create criminals, and specifically felonious criminals, out of some of our most ordinary, normal, law abiding citizens.”

Both sheriffs also noted the impracticality of trying to enforce such a bill.

“To expect law enforcement to run down and do an investigation into whether or not a private individual has conducted a background check is nearly impossible,” said Hanlin.

It would cost far too much money and waste far too much time for Oregon’s police officers to try to enforce this senseless law, which is perhaps why earlier this month, Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel boldly announced, “I can’t enforce that law, so therefore it won’t be forced.”

According to The Gateway Pundit, a number of other sheriffs from across the state have also spoken out against the bill. These include Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley, Polk County Sheriff Bob Wolfe and Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley, among others.

It is clear as day that the brave sheriffs of Oregon have no intention of being forced to comply with a law that is both unconstitutional and unreasonable.

Good! They shouldn’t have to enforce it against law abiding citizens, and hopefully, it won’t become a law in the first place.

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