VIDEO: SHOCKING Footage Shows What Illegals Are Doing With Border Fence… It’s Infuriating


A video meant to showcase the hardships faced by illegal immigrants separated by border walls proved just the opposite to a number of Americans when it showed people in the video using the rickety border fence to play volleyball.

The video took place along the Tijuana-San Diego border, where two groups of people under the rather lazy eye of Border Patrol agents used the fence as a volleyball net, creating a United States vs. Mexico matchup that takes place in both countries simultaneously.

Working somewhat at cross-purposes is the pro-illegal alien narrator, whose voice-over sounds like it was taken straight from an episode of “Democracy Now!”

In it, he makes the border fence sound like some sort of brutal admixture of the Berlin Wall, the Korean demilitarized zone and downtown Detroit.

The narrator even claims that getting through the border — which looks more rickety than a rotting driftwood fence at this section — is more difficult than crossing the Himalayas.t

“And this could be solved really easily,” he says at the end of the video. “It doesn’t need a wall … it just needs a little humanity.

Try that one the next time you fly to Mexico. “Oh, it’s okay, Mr. Border Control Agent. We don’t need passports. All we need is a little humanity. Say, what’s that baton for?” (H/T BizPac Review)

This sort of somber moralizing also probably would have worked a lot better if the video didn’t look like a beach volleyball scene from the unreleased sequel, “Top Gun 2: Revenge of Señor Goose.”

Open borders certainly isn’t going to solve anything, much less the horrible problem here, which is that a flimsy fence that people can play volleyball over is somehow a crime against humanity since it makes it slightly more difficult for people to break the law.

The idea that this situation “needs a little humanity” (translation: your tax dollars) seems to ignore the fact that there’s a way for these people to legally immigrate to the United States, should they qualify.

And if they don’t … well, just take a look at that video. There’s not much stopping them.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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