VIDEO: Shocking Reason White Man Escaped Charlotte Riots Alive

The rioters in Charlotte may think they’re protesting racism and police brutality, but the only racists to be found in that city are them.

The National Guard has been called in due to the rioting over a black cop killing a black man who the cops say came out of his car pointing a gun. In the past two days rioters attempted to throw a photographer in a fire last, three officers were hurt, a man was shot and is on life support, stores and the local arena were trashed.

Obviously the live of the black cop doesn’t matter, as I doubt there would’ve been a riot if he was killed instead.

In Charlotte, white people and journalists are fair game for attack. For some reason, Hillary Clinton has taken the sides of these rioters in attempting to pander to the Black Lives Matter crowd, which is going to backfire for her. Most black people hate BLM, she’s only going to attract a fringe minority to her side while alienating millions more.

If you are in Charlotte, there is a way you can keep yourself save, however. As the Federalist Papers reported:

A white man was able to drive through a crowd of angry protesters without incident – because he brandished his pistol.

The unnamed driver approached a crowd of demonstrators chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” and waving signs that said “F**k the Police!” As the crowd began to surround him, he pulled out his weapon in his hand, stuck it out the door and pointed it at the ground.

The atmosphere of the crowd immediately changed once that happened. Check out the awesome video below:

Serves them right.

It truly amazes me that these riots have time to stay out to late at night and block off roads as innocent people try to get through. Don’t these people have jobs to wake up for early in the morning? Oh, wait… of course not.

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