Video of Tattooed 3-Year-Old Wielding ‘Gun’ and Yelling Profanities (VIDEO)


This is no different than ISIS teaching kids terrorism. These parents need to be locked up! This child will be the next Mike Brown and Treyvon Martin if CPS does interdict.

Many parents are proud when our children mimic things we say, such as “adult-sounding” compliments, prayers or polite phrases. I remember when my 4 year old, recalling what he saw in a movie, told our restaurant waiter “my compliments to the chef.” I was proud.

But what if a parent knowingly teaches their child negative, even vile phrases, or dresses them in gang clothing and teaches them to mimic criminal thug behavior?

One such video which originated from a site called WorldstarHipHop is creating a huge reaction, after a child under the age of 3 is seen acting like a mini-thug. The little boy is covered in gang “tattoos”, which one assumes (hopes) were created with Sharpies, and is holding a plastic gun as he carries on a play conversation on his parent’s cell phone.

In the course of the video, he rattles off a series of profanity-laced phrases, clearly taught to him by his parent (who can he heard laughing near the end), repeatedly calling the person on the other end of the phone a “bi***” and “mother fu****.”

Simply unbelievable. This is how thugs are born and bred.

By the way, his “tattoos” include known gang symbols, including a “teardrop” that usually shows a member has killed someone.

The video has since viral on Facebook and YouTube.

Many viewers who viewed the video were outraged, with the strongest reaction from Black Americans (via blogger Prissy Holly):

“Aww how cute…they’re raising another statistic… start putting up money for his books in jail.. smh”

“The saddest thing, the kid has no blame at all, he’s only a reflection of what his parents teach him!”

“How disgusting!!! This is what we teach our children then wonder why we grow up killing each other!!! No self value.. So embarrassing.”

“Anyone who thinks this is funny, is a fu***** moron and is the problem with this country.”

Another user made a sad prediction for the child’s future:

“Sadly, he’ll be dead or in prison before his 18th birthday. The crazy part is that the same parents who allow and promote this type of behavior, will be the 1st ones in the in front of the judge or at his casket CRYING and asking ‘God WHY?????’ It’s because of your ignorant ass. Some don’t deserve children and this is a prime example why. The baby don’t need a beating. He’s only doing what he sees and being taught. It’s the parents who need their ASS WHOOPED.


Holly also cited a show called The Advise Show TV, who created an outstanding video response on YouTube citing how grooming children to be thugs was a form of “child abuse”, as they will look to criminals as their role models.

He said these children will inevitably turn out to be criminals:

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