VIDEO: Teacher Left Beaten And Bloodied By THUG Student Over “Misinterpretation” Of Comment He Felt Was “Racist”…


So that makes it okay to beat the crap out of a teacher? One parent justified the beating saying, “if the comment was made that I was told was made, I can understand the pain and the anger in that student.” Via Daily Mail:

A high school teacher was left covered in blood last week after he was punched by a male student over a perceived racist remark.

The teacher at Forestville High in Maryland, who was not identified by officials but named as James Hemmen on social media, suffered minor injuries after being attacked by the teen.

The school characterized the incident last Thursday as a ‘misinterpretation of a comment’ during class but some students and parents said the teacher made a racially-insensitive remark.

Prince George’s County Public Schools told Daily Mail Online on Tuesday that the district was unable to comment on the consequences related to the incident to protect student and teacher confidentiality.

The student is to be disciplined for the attack, according to NBC, with authorities adding that this was an isolated incident and there was no need to increase security at the school.

It was not clear on Tuesday if the student would face criminal charges over the attack.

According to a school district spokeswoman: ‘On January 29, a misinterpretation of a comment in a classroom at Forestville High School resulted in an assault against a teacher.

‘The teacher was treated for injuries at a local medical facility and released. School administrators and security staff are working together to investigate the incident.

‘Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment in all schools.

‘A letter was sent home to all Forestville parents and guardians to inform them of the incident and encourage them to reinforce with their students the importance of conducting themselves in a safe, responsible manner and to seek assistance if they need help resolving conflicts.’

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