VIDEO: Teacher Publicly Quits in Defiance of Common Core… Watch the Crowd’s Reaction


Jennifer Rickert has been a teacher for 22 years, and has seen trends in education come and go. One thing seems to be for sure, though – Common Core has affected her like nothing else has.

In a tearful speech, Rickert requested reassignment during a school board meeting at the Ichabod Crane School District in Valatie, N.Y.

“I must go on record as strongly objecting to this test,” Rickert said in her speech, which received a standing ovation. “I will be respectfully requesting reassignment on the dates of the 2015 Common Core ELA [English/Language Arts] assessment.” (H/T Media Resource Center.)

Rickert said that the test simply wasn’t fair to her students – using literature five years beyond their reading level and distractions, amongst other things.

This is not developmentally appropriate for my students, and I find it cruel and harmful to suggest that it is. I do not believe in knowlingly setting my students up for failure,” Rickert said.

“I cannot remain silent for one more day.”

With that, the crowd exploded in applause.

This may explain why only 31 percent of students from grades from three to eight scored proficient on theCommon Core ELA assessment.

“I think we were all very, very grateful to Jennifer for finally putting out there and putting down on paper how we all have been feeling for the past few years.” said parent Karen Vecillio.

While parents can opt out of the testing for their children, it’s certainly a rarity for a teacher to ask to opt out of the testing.

However, given the nature of the Common Core curriculum, it’s unsurprising that such a step is taken. Indeed, what’s surprising is that we don’t hear about more teachers taking this sort of stand for education.

So, we salute you, Jennifer Rickert. May you be the first of many!

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