[VIDEO] Texas Cop Smashes Car Window After Driver Insists Speeding Isn’t A Crime


This is actually from last year, but it is an excellent example of how things are never at first what they appear to be. An officer in Texas pulled over a man for speeding. Normally, there would be a ticket and the story would end there. Not on that day.

This man decided he was not going to roll down his window and he was going to belligerent. He would not produce ID and he had the nerve to tell the officer that speeding was not a crime in Texas. I think the guy must have been on drugs or just plain nuts. No one in their right mind decides to do something like this with a police officer. You will definitely get arrested and worst case, you could wind up dead.

From Conservative Post:

A driver in Texas who was pulled over for allegedly doing 50 mph in a 40 mph zone claimed he didn’t have to cooperate with police because speeding isn’t a crime.

Not surprisingly, the encounter didn’t end well for him.

Scott Richardson, 49, was pulled over in Addison on May 2 for speeding. But a video of the encounter going viral this week shows him arguing that the police officer had no right to stop him, no right to ask for ID and no right to even enforce speeding laws at all.

“As a man, what right do you have to stop another man?” Richardson asks the police officer as the clip, above, begins.

“The state of Texas has given me the right to enforce the law,” the officer, who is not identified, says. He then tells Richardson he is being stopped for speeding and asks for identification.

The man argued with the officer for some time. The cop warned the man that if he did not roll down his window and present ID, that he would break the window and arrest him. The guy would not comply and the officer obliged him. He took his baton and broke the safety glass. After he removed the glass, he grabbed the guy from the car and put him under arrest for failing to identify.

The police officer was absolutely right here. He did everything he could to not have to use force, but the guy left him no choice whatsoever. The officer did not need a warrant to pull the guy over for speeding as this moron claimed. Not only is he an idiot and doesn’t know the law, he’s suicidal.

Officers earn every cent they are paid. In fact, they are paid no where near enough for putting up with this kind of crap and putting their lives on the line every day. Here’s a piece of advice… if a police officer tells you to do something, you might want to do it or face the consequences.

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