VIDEO: This Guy Tries to Steal Valor by Bragging He’s a Navy SEAL. Then He’s Confronted by 3 Army Rangers.


In a video posted to Live Leak, an unidentified man tried to steal valor by making the bold claim that he’s a Navy Seal.

The footage starts with a guy standing outside. He’s waiting for someone still inside the bar or club to come out and fight him. Nearby, three men are waiting for their Uber to come pick them up, but they seem to have a general idea of what’s going on.

Then, one of the men waiting asks the guy why he’s so confident about being able to take down the potential opponent in the street fight. The man says:

“Why do you think you can take him? What’s your competitive edge? I’m just curious, do you do training? Are you jiu jitsu, do you do striking? He’s got some size on you, are you more aggressive?”

The other guy replies, “I was in the SEALs.”

Not convinced, the men start to question his credibility. The guy tells them he never got a Trident after becoming a Seal and that he was attached to Seal Team Artillery. The other men don’t take his lie lightly. He only digs himself deeper when he assumes that they “wouldn’t know the area of Afghanistan.”

That’s when the friendly but serious conversation turns into a hard lesson for the valor thief. The men explain that they are all Army Rangers and things go from verbal to physical.

The video ends with the valor thief walking away from the fight he wasn’t waiting for, and admitting that he never served with the SEALs.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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