VIDEO: This Is the Video That’s Getting a Conservative THOUSANDS of Death Threats


Actor, former Fox News commentator, and conservative comedian Steven Crowder is the latest recipient of a growing number of death threats from radical Islamists thanks to a two-year-old YouTube video.

Nearly two years ago, Crowder started a Jesus vs. Muhammad project – a hilarious video that shows stark differences between Christianity and Islam. The video, at the time, went viral due thanks in part to both Christians and Muslims.

But like most YouTube videos, it was eventually buried and put aside – that is until the radical Islamist terrorist attack that took place in Paris, France recently. The radical Islamist attack was directed at freedom of speech andclaimed the lives of 12 people total.

The video began to see new life after the recent attacks, as more and more people worldwide grow concerned with the rapid spread of radical Islam and the increased frequency of terrorist attacks.

With nearly 750,000 views, it’s no wonder that Crowder is receiving all kinds of feedback – including thousands of death threats from defenders of Muhammad.

“Any time you are even remotely critical of Islam, or more importantly his ‘prophet’ (if you want to call him that), Muslims will react this way en masse,” Crowder said. (H/T WesternJournalism)

The video gives viewers, especially Christian viewers, a deeper look into just how different the so-called “religion of peace” is from Christianity and especially its leader, the prophet Muhammad.

After the video first went up, Crowder explained that Muslims tend to attack non-believers online quicker than any other audience.

“Muslims mobilize online very quickly,” crowder said, adding that the video will receive a massive number of down votes and “hate speech” reports at a time, indicating that someone on a big radical Islamic forum is instructing members to attack the video.

Even with increased death threats, Crowder has continued to produce more videos that expose the evils of radical Islam.

He said he has taken “greater measures” to protect his family from harm, but also stated that, “freedom of speech is just too damn important to let the bullies win.”

We couldn’t agree more. It’d be interesting to know if Obama has seen this particular video.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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