VIDEO: This Mother of a US Soldier Killed Looking for Bergdahl Has Just 1 Message for Obama


From Conservative Tribune: The mother of one of the men killed while searching for accused deserted Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan in 2009 is speaking out against any sort of lenient plea deal or outright pardon, begging President Barack Obama to stay out of the military’s legal process.

It was finally announced last week that the Army will be charging Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion after he allegedly abandoned his post, ultimately being captured by the Taliban.

Bergdahl was returned to the United States last year as part of a controversial prisoner exchange that saw the release of five senior Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.

While all evidence paints a picture of Bergdahl as guilty of desertion, there is some speculation that the Obama administration will pressure the military to give him an honorable discharge or completely pardon him outright.

But that doesn’t sit well with the families of those men who were injured or killed while searching for Bergdahlin the frantic months after he first disappeared.

According to Newsmax, Sondra Andrews said, “As much as has happened, as many things that I feel were not good decisions, I still have a glimmer that he’s going to make the right decisions — he just has to.”

Andrews was mother to 2nd Lt. Darryn Andrews, who was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade while searching for Bergdahl in 2009.

Though her son didn’t tell her at the time that he was searching for Bergdahl, he did mention that he was searching for a lost soldier and had expressed frustration that his disappearance had changed everything for everyone in Afghanistan at that time, a sentiment shared by many other troops who were there.

When it comes to the idea of Obama granting a pardon for Bergdahl, Andrews said, “If he were to do that, that would just be the end for me.”

“I don’t believe it’d only be me,” she added. “Most families that have any connection with the military would feel the same way.”

She also called out the administration for their “political rhetoric” in constantly defending Bergdahl, as well asportraying him as a hero.

Furthermore, she said she was in “disbelief” when she witnessed the Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl’s parents, essentially saying that there are so many other military families that have lost their sons or daughters honorably and deserved the recognition more than Bergdahl did.

This woman lost her son due to Bergdahl’s alleged desertion and she wants to make sure that he is held accountable for his selfish actions which cost lives and put innumerable men and women at risk.

Hopefully, Sondra Andrews will get the closure she needs once Bergdahl has been held responsible for his actions.

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