[VIDEO] Three ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Canada


While the world watched the situation in the Middle East between Jordan and ISIS play out yesterday this story out of Canada might be easily missed.

According to media reports, Canadian authorities arrested three men they say were working for ISIS on the ground in our neighbor to the north.

According to CTV News:

The RCMP have laid terror-related charges against three men, including against an Ottawa man whom reports suggested had been killed while fighting with Islamic State militants in Syria.

Police arrested one man in connection with a national security investigation called Project Servant earlier Tuesday. However, the other two men remain at large and police believe they are in the Middle East fighting with ISIS.

Investigators have obtained arrest warrants for these men, police said Tuesday, and a notice will be posted with the international police agency Interpol.

The RCMP describes two of the suspects arrested as “active members of ISIS”.
—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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