VIDEO: THUG Charged With 3 Gruesome Crimes Against White Women… Media Is Silent


A monster by the name of Jesse Matthew Jr., a black man who seems to have a penchant for raping and killing white women, was recently indicted on one count of first-degree murder in the killing of a University of Virginia student.

Matthew, a former hospital employee, was responsible for the death of Hannah Graham, who had been missing for weeks when authorities found her remains.

The killer has a history of abducting and raping or killing white females and thankfully, was finally apprehended.

But where’s the media outrage? Why is it that the only national media outlet reporting this alarming situation appears to be Fox News?

And where’s Al Sharpton? Oh, that’s right — the victim was white. White victims of crimes, especially those committed by black men, aren’t likely to help him incite riots or line his checking account with donations.

Matthew, the killer, was also linked to the murder and disappearance of another white college student, 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.


No charges have been filed in that case as of yet, as prosecutors have the Graham case lined up first.

Matthew apparently prefers to abduct the women and then leave their bodies for dead. This guy is truly barbaric and cruel.

Not long after law enforcement named Matthew a suspect in the disappearance of Graham, he immediately left the area, only to be later picked up on a beach in Texas. The charge of abduction with intent to defile gave law enforcement a chance to perform a cheek swab for DNA evidence.

That action connected Matthew to yet another sexual assault that took place in 2005 in Virginia.

To top that off, Matthew was also accused of raping two female students at additional universities back in 2002 and 2003, yet wasn’t charged because no one would press charges against him — likely out of pure fear.

What’s it take to get media attention on a monster like Matthew? If he happened to be white and was
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