[VIDEO] Thugs Body Slamming Strangers’ Cars Served Epic INSTANT Karma


From Mad World: A group of teen thugs from Missouri were served with an epic dose of instant karma after several were vandalizing strangers’ parked cars as their friend recorded it, and I can’t help but laugh.

It all stems from the viral Internet prank called “Put ‘Em In a Coffin,” where people videotape themselves jumping into the air, then crossing their arms and landing on their backs on whatever they wish to destroy. The videos are then uploaded to the Internet as “bragging rights,” which more often than not lead police directly to the vandalism suspects.

But as a group of Kansas City teens quickly found out, sometimes the police don’t need the help of the Internet to arrest them for the destruction of private property, because they happen to witness it all unfold. Fortunately for us, the video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, providing us with two minutes of pure satisfaction as we watch disrespectful youths learn the hard way that you can’t walk around destroying property and not expect there to be some consequences.

WARNING: Strong language

The teen thugs can be seen walking down the road jumping on the hoods of random parked cars as their friend records the enraging acts. “This is some dumb n***er s**t,” the man recording the video is heard repeating as he videos several of his friends denting the hoods of cars.

As they continue on their path of destruction, they come across a car with tinted windows and its headlights on, and they momentarily pause before continuing down the street. Once their skepticism of the vehicle subsides, they resume their antics, and just seconds later, they receive a shocking surprise.

According to Fox4KC, several teens were arrested in relation to the senseless vandalism, which ended up damaging three cars. Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte said that the arrests came after his department ramped up patrols in the popular shopping district, yet the teen still thought they would get away with vandalism, according to KCTV-5. He also said that before they jumped onto the hoods of vehicles, his officers watched as they stood on the hoods of other cars.

It’s hard to believe that anybody would ever consider behavior like this as acceptable, whether it’s just kids being kids or not. It’s apparent they were never taught the value of having to work hard for something, because if they were, they wouldn’t destroy something that belongs to somebody else for their entertainment.

The sad part is that teens like this do these things, then later in life end up getting arrested for armed robbery or a myriad of other possible charges and everyone scratches their heads in disbelief, yet the solution to all of this is simple – start pressuring the parents of these kids to actually parent and set good examples.

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