VIDEO: Thugs Brutally Beat and Run Over Veteran, Then Justice Pays Them Back

In the comment section of this violent video someone asks: Anyone surprised by race of the thugs? It’s a pertinent question. Black Lives Matter encourages this kind of behavior from looting to ripping white people out of cars and beating them to shooting police officers. So are YOU surprised that the group of thugs in this video all are black?

There is a reason I moved my son and I away from the city centers… this video is the reason. People involved in the Black Lives Matter movement seem to have completely lost their humanity. All they see is color, they do not see white people as anything but a plaything to mess around with and destroy if they desire it. WHY would I be near animals who lack humanity? It’s a strong statement but in my new community the majority of the people who live here, including minorities, are too busy working day-jobs than to troll around and plunder and pillage. You may think I’m being overly dramatic but wait until you hear WHAT they did!


Lamarcus Evans, Earl Agnew and Deon Sanders were out late at night trolling for some trouble. They came across an Iraq war veteran pumping gas at a Washington Park Mobil station. For some unknown reason he became their target and he was unexpectedly and violently attacked by this group of thugs. They began by beating and kicking the veteran into submission.

You can see in the video that they continue to kick him even though he laid lifeless on the gas station ground. Even at that point they are still filled with animalistic aggression so one of the guys poured alcohol all over his face. The victim didn’t even move as he was presumably unconscious. You would think that by this time, these animals would have satiated their hunger for human destruction but not so. At the end of it all they decide to finish the job by running over him with their car. These nasty thugs are lucky because this Veteran was about as tough as it gets… after being beaten lifeless then run over with a car– he SURVIVED! That’s right.

Good thing it was all caught on camera, hopefully those nasty animals never see the light of day and their family feels shame for the criminals that they raised. By the way Black lives Matter, where are the videos of white gangs perpetuating such nasty acts? Is THIS what you really stand for? WATCH below:

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