VIDEO: Two Men Arrested In Trying To Breach White House In Separate Incidents


Excerpted from The Daily MailThe Secret Service has arrested two men in two separate White House security breaches that have occurred just hours apart, sparking lockdowns at the presidential mansion.

On Sunday night, an unnamed suspect stepped over a bike rack situated outside the White House fence.

The bike racks were installed last year following a high-profile fence-jumping incident that involved an Army veteran armed with a knife.

Early Monday morning, another person attempted to walk through a gate while a construction crew were leaving.

According to NBC, both men were taken into custody, and the Secret Service has given the all-clear at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The agency has been tight-lipped about the two breaches, which are now under investigation. The suspects have not been named.

The bike rack-jumping incident took place at around 11.30pm Sunday near the southwest corner of the presidential residence, reported MyFox DC. 

The male suspect was arrested and charged with unlawful entry. The breach led to a 30-minute lockdown at the White House.263F128200000578-2975846-image-a-19_1425309254289

Just before 7am Monday, another man allegedly tried to walk into a pedestrian entrance as construction workers were leaving the area.

A Secret Service agent stopped the intruder in his tracks and arrested him after a brief confrontation.

The White House was placed on another lockdown that lasted only a few minutes following the second incident.

The twin security breaches come just over a month after a small drone operated by a government employee accidentally crashed on the South Lawn of the White House.

The Secret Service has come under scrutiny following a string of distressing incidents involving White House security.

In September, an army veteran with a knife hidden in his pants jumped the fence and made it as far into the East Room before he was tackled.

The breach led to Secret Service director Julia Pierson’s resignation.

Just 24 hours later, a college student drove up to the White House’s security screening point and refused to leave, prompting his arrest.

The White House was briefly on lockdown this past August after a toddler somehow managed to squeeze through the gates.

In an interview on ABC’s This Week Sunday, Joseph Clancy, the newly appointed director of the Secret Service, said his agency is working to ‘regain the trust’ of the public after the litany of security breaches, reported USA Today. 

‘We have not received an unfair rap,’ Clancy said.’I think when you fail, and we have failed, we own it. Now, it’s up to us to correct it.’

—Courtesy of Daily Mail 

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