NEW VIDEO EMERGES Of Victims Of Explosion In NYC Terror Attack


A explosion that was later classified as a bomb went off in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City. While nobody was dead 29 were injured, one seriously. Police have found that the explosion was caused by a pressure cooker that was connected to a wired cell phone inside of a plastic bag. The bomb squad is currently studying the contents of the second pressure cooker that was found that did not go off.

Video footage has surfaced already showing the aftermath shortly after the explosion took place. One shows the actual explosion. One shows the victims of the explosion running away. A woman is bleeding from the head and another has shrapnel in her shoulder.

The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blaiso held a press conference late Saturday night about the explosion where he stated their is no known connection between the explosion and terrorism. Strangely, he DID acknowledge that the event was likely an intentional act which for all intents and purposes WOULD make it terrorism.

Watch here,

What is unknown is the perpetrator, their motives, and the reason as to why the location for the explosion was chosen. The explosion in New Jersey at a military charity race and the incident in Minnesota do not appear to be connected but coincidental.

Many streets in the surrounding areas have been shut down temporarily. And the pressure cooker that was found was posted onto social media by the NYPD to warn people in case any others are found. However, none have been found. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have commented to the media about this ongoing issue.

Since the investigation is still going on little else is known as information comes through the media. The investigation is still in its beginning stages. Luckily though, law enforcement officials have indicated their does not appear to be a link to terrorism which is a good thing for our peace of mind to rule out from the get go.