VIDEO: Violent Black Mob Surrounds Classroom Full Of White Students… Make CHILLING Threat


(Conservative Tribune) Recent video footage of white students barricading themselves in a South African classroom while black rioters beat on the doors outside highlighted black violence more than 20 years after apartheid fell.

The rioters shouted, “All white people get out or else we will kill you!” according to Anne Landman, the student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town student who made the video and uploaded it to her Facebook page Oct. 20.

“So this happened,” she wrote. “I stopped filming before things got out of hand as we were scared they would damage property, which they did. Hundreds of rioters outside those doors.

“People were cornered and taunted. Some of our students were beaten up for trying to keep the doors closed. The doors are now broken.

“They stormed in with balaclavas on, shouting horrible things in our direction,” she said.

“Quote of the day ‘All white people get out or else we will kill you,’” Landman wrote. She apologized for the language in the video, adding the students were distraught over the situation.

She then asked, “What has this country come to?”

That’s a great question, and we can be asking the same about America as racial violence is on the rise.

After the video went viral, Landman wrote, “After having this video up for the last few days I have seen it become a massive argument of race on social media. Yes the majority of us in this class are white (but not all of us) and, yes, horrible racist remarks were thrown our way.

“That does not mean we don’t believe in the reason for the protests.

“And yes some of us would have joined in on the protests that day if we had been treated as equals and not threatened by those on the other side of the doors. We are fighting for the same goal, let’s not turn on each other,” she concluded.

The video illustrated that it’s nearly impossible to reason with a mob of people banging on the other side of a door — which is why it’s good to be protected.

While this riot occurred in another country, America is certainly not without similar attacks. They demonstrate why all Americans should always be alert and prepared.

H/T Truth and Action

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