The town of Ferguson, Mo. is in danger of becoming a war zone.

The grand jury hands down their decision soon.

Governor Nixon has already declared a State of Emergency, and the National Guard has been mobilized, due to insane demands and threats against specific targets issued by protestor and rioters, who promise to “shut down” the city of St. Louis with civil disobedience and violence.

Thanks to professional race baiters and agitators like Al Sharpton, among several others, there is a distinct possibility that the events in Ferguson will spread to other major cities around the nation.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity discussed all of what is happening in Ferguson with a panel on Tuesday’s show, according to Western Journalism.

One of the guests on the panel was Derk Brown, founder of the “Justice for Mike Brown” protest group.

Hannity asked him about Mike Brown’s behavior towards the store clerk that he had stolen cigars from, which was caught on surveillance tape.

“Who treats a clerk like that?  Do you treat a clerk like that?  You ever do that in your life?” Hannity asked.  Brown replied that he had not.

“And if it turns out he’s tried to get the officer’s gun?  Who acts like that, if that turns out to be true?  Is that behavior of somebody that you want justice for?  What about justice for the officer?”

Brown responded by saying he wasn’t interested in justice for Officer Wilson.

“You don’t want justice for the officer?  You made up you mind, you tried, you convicted him?  You don’t want justice for the officer?”

Brown simply replied that Officer Wilson’s actions were wrong.

“You don’t if it’s wrong.  You don’t know anything.  You don’t know if it’s wrong.  Wait a minute.  Stop here.  Why don’t you just want justice, period, whatever way it come out?  I want justice and fairness,” Hannity said incredulously.

Hannity went further and stated that he would support a trial and conviction for Officer Wilson, IF the Grand Jury determines there is enough evidence to indict.

Otherwise, he should go free.  “Why wouldn’t you support justice for him?” Hannity asked one last time, to no avail.

Derk Brown made it perfectly clear that, despite their calls for “justice”, they really aren’t after justice.

They are seeking vengeance for Mike Brown, and that is something completely different.

The “Justice for Mike Brown” group, along with most of the other groups behind the protests and rioting, are simply modern-day lynch mobs that have already tried and convicted Officer Wilson in the public arena, in spite of the known evidence that indicates his shooting of Mike Brown was justified.

Once again, we fervently hope that cooler and calmer heads will prevail and excessively violent rioting and looting will be curtailed or at least confined.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of the cooler and calmer heads have been shouted down and run off by the professional agitators that are spoiling for a fight.

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