VIDEO: Watch This Army Lt. Col. Unleash on “Coward” Obama in Just 70 Seconds


Former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, no stranger to controversial comments, blasted President Barack Obama on Monday for failing to appear at Sunday’s anti-terrorism rally in Paris, saying that Obama “chose the side of the terrorists.” Peters made the comments on the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” during an interview with Martha MacCallum.

Obama blamed his lack of attendance on the inability to make security arrangements quickly enough — an excuse Peters demolished in about three seconds, pointing out that Carla Bruni, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was marching in the second row of the demonstration behind 40 world leaders.

“(W)e have a president that doesn’t have the guts of a French actress,” Peters said. “My God, it’s amazing, Martha.”

Peters mentioned that previous comments of his regarding the president had gotten him in trouble, but he didn’t seem ready to back down.

“I’ve been in hot water for saying the president’s a coward,” the Fox News contributor said. “The president’s a coward.”

of coward and defended all three.

“The president is a physical coward, he is a moral coward, he is an intellectual coward, and let me break that out,” he said.

“Physical, well, yeah — he didn’t go, did he?” Peters explained. “But that doesn’t matter. Physical cowardice is not a big deal in a president because they don’t have to lead bayonet charges.”

But some forms of cowardice are relevant in the supposed leader of the free world, the colonel argued.

“Moral cowardice matters,” he said. “And this man can never bring himself to have the guts to say about any issue, ‘I was wrong.’ He clings to this issue, this idea that Islam is a religion of peace … He won’t utter the words ‘Islamist terror.’”

Peters also argued that the president has largely failed to learn anything during his time in office — not surprising in someone who seems incapable of admitting that he is ever wrong.

“And finally, intellectually, it’s amazing how little he’s learned in six years,” Peters said. “He’s still, as far as international relations goes, at the intellectual development level of a University of California undergraduate with a Che Guevara t-shirt.”

Peters went on to explain exactly why this cowardice in America’s president mattered.

“Make no mistake,” he said, “passivity in the face of terror is complicity and yesterday President Obama chose the side of terrorists.”

You can watch the entire interview here, courtesy of Breitbart, although the best parts run from about 2:11 to 3:21.

Obama was handed the perfect opportunity to do what he hasn’t done in six years — lead the international community in support of freedom of expression and against radical Islamic terrorism — and he took a pass.

The number of possible explanations as to why are limited.

Either he doesn’t support free speech, he isn’t against radical Islamic terrorism or he is, in fact, a coward.

Or it could be all three.
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