VIDEO: Watch This Popular Congressman Unleash on Obama and Radical Muslims From the House Floor


Hard-hitting Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert has a history of telling Congress and the president exactly what’s on his mind.

Whether he’s accusing Obama of treason on the House floor, or slamming Democrats for their massive mishandling and screw-ups concerning the Veterans Administration, Gohmert is not a guy you want on your back, because like Rep. Trey Gowdy, when he bites down, he doesn’t let go.

In a recent discussion on the House floor revolving around the White House’s refusal to call the recent radical Islamist attacks in Paris “radical Islam,” he completely destroyed Obama, his administration, and the left, and called them out for their lack of ability to publicly name the West’s number one enemy.

“The truth is, as much as this president doesn’t want to say it, and he doesn’t allow his spokespeople to say it, I will say it, Mr. Speaker,” Gohmert firmly stated. “This is radical Islamic terrorism, and it is a threat to Western civilization!” (H/T WesternJournalism)

Gohmert nailed a key point during his presentation that Obama and the left just can’t seem to grasp. By not naming our enemies appropriately, we only empower them to commit more violent acts of terror.

“And the more our leaders refuse to recognize it for what it is, the worse it gets because the radical Islamic terrorists realize they are winning,” Gohmert said.

He also mentioned that after 9/11, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were quick to launch an “Islamophobia” campaign to quickly cast in a bad public light any person or group of people who expressed concerns about radical Islam.

“I’m not a phobe of anything, but it’s time to recognize truth and that is the radical Islamic terrorists want to destroy our way of life and kill us – it’s very simple,” he said to his audience and viewers watching through C-Span.

The book of jihad, otherwise known as the Koran, contains multiple passages that radical Islamists adhere to in literal fashion, including the killing of infidels and non-believers in their faith. It’s what they live for.

We need more men and women in Congress like Gohmert who aren’t afraid to buck the trend and speak out against our Islamist-sympathizing president. Until then, we’ll continue to see a rise in attacks against the West.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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