On the Kelly File this week Megyn Kelly interviewed Brigitte Gabriel who was used by the Palestine Liberation Organization in the early 1970’s as a human shield. She provides a very unique insight on the operations of Hamas’ efforts to destroy Israel.

The Palestinians have perfected using women and children to gain the world’s sympathy and this goes back 30 years. I, as a child between 1975 and 1976 was used as a human shield in my bomb shelter. We were 9 children hiding in a bomb shelter.

Further into the show Gabriel brought up a great point about Hamas using the media to its advantage by using humans as sacrificial lambs to make it appear as if Israel is the bad guy:

The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda war. They cannot win militarily against Israel so what they do is they use their own children as disposable collateral in order to win the war of public opinion against Israel.

These tactics are easily understood to most people, however, to anyone who is not educated of Hamas’ doctrine and modus operandi they could be easily fooled to believe the Israeli’s are committing atrocities as the aggressor.


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