[VIDEO] Young Girl is Savagely Beaten in McDonalds by Thugs as Crowd Cheers and Does Nothing to Help


This is whats wrong with the inner-city black community. This girl could have easily died, and people just cheered. This is the savagery that our police offers face on a daily basis. 

(Controversial Times) A 15 year old girl was mercilessly beaten inside of a Brooklyn, New York McDonalds by several other girls due a prior disagreement.

While that in and of itself is fairly disturbing, what is more disturbing is the behavior of the crowd.



Even though the girl is being beaten by multiple people and could have suffered permanent injuries or even death, none of the members of the crowd thought to call 911, although many busted out their phones to record the ordeal.

The McDonalds employees apparently called 911 within the first few minutes of the fight, but the girl was still beaten unchecked for several minutes.

At one point during the fight, the 15 year old girl went limp on the ground and one of the assailants, a 17 year old girl, repeatedly stomped on the girl’s head while she was unconscious.

That suspect, who has not been identified, was taken into custody by the NYPD.

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio responded publicly about the fight saying, “The young ladies should be prosecuted and I believe the video evidence may be sufficient for that.”

“It’s horrendous that a young girl would be attacked in such a fashion.”

—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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