VIDEO: Young Jeopardy Contestant Struggles with Non-Common Core Math Questions


There has been much controversy surrounding the Common Core curriculum and it doesn’t come without just cause. From the anti-American lessons being taught in Social Studies to the nonsense that is being framed as Math, the education of our children is suffering under Common Core. While we have seen numerous examples of convoluted Math problems and ridiculous solutions presented to kids with the new Common Core, one young man’s appearance on the game show Jeopardy sheds a bright light on the failings of Common Core in teaching the basics of Math.

One of the categories on a recent episode of Jeopardy was “Non-Common Core Math Questions.” Basic questions that these young contestants should have been able to answer were met with confused looks and silence. Tyler, the contestant in question, is obviously intelligent, otherwise he would not have made it onto the show. However, this is a clear demonstration of the failings of Common Core Math. By the way, his fellow contestants didn’t do much better on the topic.

Courtesy of TPNN

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