Vietnam Veteran fired from cracker barrel for giving a corn muffin to man in need


Joe Koblenzer is a Vietnam veteran and now former cracker barrel employee who was fired from his job, the 73 year old from Venice Florida lost his job after a man walked into the restaurant looking for nothing more than some tartar sauce. Joe’s very compassionate  and noticed this man was truly in need of help, so Joe gave the man one corn muffin, yes you heard that right.

Joe knew it was against company policy, but wanted to just help the man out. Joe said this wasnt his first run in with the company policy, he was reprimanded for getting a woman a fountain drink and another time for giving a cup of coffee away.

“The general manager called me in and said he had some bad news for me. ‘Joe we are going to have to let you go,’” Koblenzer told WWSB.

Source: WWSB


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