Viewers SHOCKED At What Reporter Does To American Flag During Live Coverage Of Hurricane

Like many Americans you might be glued to your TV or social media, watching for updates on Hurricane Harvey. This massive storm that has inundated the Gulf Coast region of the United States has brought historic flooding and sadly, loss of life. Its strength has brought devastation not seen in Houston in decades and the people of Texas have banded together, trying to help one another through this trying time. Most of the rest of the country, however, is left feeling helpless to do anything about the tragic situation.

The front line of the storm is populated with not only residents of the area, but also the relief workers and reporters who willfully gone into the thick of it to help the people affected, and tell their stories. The National Guard, Fema, and the Red Cross have all converged on the area, en mass, all looking to lend a helping hand. There are also those sent into the storm to tell the rest of us what is going on. The Weather Channel sent multiple correspondents to Gulf Coast in order to give an accurate look at what is going on there. One of those reporters tried his hardest to remain professional but just couldn’t do it when reporting from one of the hardest hit areas.

These reporters who stand out in all kinds of conditions to allow you and I to see what is happening, but sometimes there’s something even more important than standing and looking into the camera. Paul Goodloe found himself in one of those situations when he was reporting from outside a school in Rockport where a flag had been ripped right out of the sky and was lying with debris near where Goodloe and his crew were filming. While he tried to just go by it, his patriotism wouldn’t be silenced, and he had to do something about it.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“In times of tragedy, tales of heroism emerge — both big and small. What The Weather Channel’s Paul Goodloe did during his coverage of Hurricane Harvey was definitely on the small side. However, it was proof yet again that decency and love of country can’t be defeated by any storm.

Like many of The Weather Channel’s correspondents, Goodloe was in Texas covering the devastation as Harvey made landfall. During one of his reports, he noticed an American flag that had been downed in a school parking lot.

As the video begins, the camera focuses on the flag, which is on the ground beside a downed palm tree. “I’m going to have to pick that up,” Goodloe says in the background.

‘I don’t know how strong the winds have to be to cut a palm tree in half, but that’s what happened to the top of this tree,’ Goodloe begins.

‘But next to it, we’ve got Old Glory,’ Goodloe says, walking over to where the flag is.

‘I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that,’ he says, then picking it up. ‘The school — yeah, it’s battered, so is the flag, but we’ve got to fold this up. Make sure this isn’t a casualty to Hurricane Harvey.’

He then handed his microphone over to one of the members of his camera crew and began folding the flag in a strong wind. Eventually, he got some help from some of the other members of his crew.

The video went viral, being viewed over 8.7 million times on The Weather Channel’s Facebook page. On his Facebook account, Goodloe said that dropping everything to rescue the flag was all in a day’s work for him.

‘Thanks everyone for your kind words of appreciation. I was only doing what I thought was the right thing to do,’ Goodloe posted Sunday evening. ‘I knew how to fold the flag from grade school flag duty as well as being a Boy Scout! Plan to have the flag cleaned and returned to the school.’

Yes, it may be something small, especially in the midst of a deadly storm — a storm that could be worse than any we’ve seen in this country since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But it’s certainly not inconsequential. In times like this, the best angels of the human spirit need to make themselves known — and every little bit counts.

Our hats are off to you, Paul Goodloe. Stay safe down there.”

It’s people like this are who we should look up to. He’s putting himself in danger to get the news to us, and he’s going out of his way to show respect to his country. He didn’t make a political statement or caveat it, he just did the right thing for his country of origin. In times of stress and strain, you can see who has integrity and who is just a paper tiger, pretending to have backbone.

You can choose to focus on those who kneel when the Anthem is played, or you can focus on those who bend down to pick up Old Glory and treat it with respect. we need more Goodloes in this country.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)

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