Violent Home Intruder Makes a Fatal Error When He Broke Into 72 Yr-old’s Home—GETS SMOKED!


Dumb thug didn’t know what hit him! 72-yr-old man was awoken by an intruder in his house. What happened next was unexpected for the old man and the intruder. THIS is the recorded phone call with 911 dispatch. It’s 9 minutes long but I couldn’t tear my ears away as this old man describes the chain of events.

He starts off the call to 911 telling them that there was an intruder and he shot him 3 times. He then proceeds to tell dispatch that the intruder was bleeding on his kitchen floor. Apparently, after he shot the man, he went back to the master bedroom to call 911 because the intruder had taken his cellphone. The call is somewhat comical as the old man couldn’t hear question from dispatch and kept repeating his address and that he had shot a man. Finally, the old man decided to put in his hearing aids to answer questions.

The entire time you can hear the old man breathing heavily and you can tell that he’s in shock. At one point he tells the dispatcher that he’s never shot a man in his life. He seems scared and upset about what happened but you got to know that a 72-yr-old guy who can struggle with an intruder hand to hand and still get off 3 shots and hit the intruder twice has got to have some balls.

So what may have happened to the old man with the intruder who wouldn’t leave if he didn’t have a gun? This is yet another example of WHY the Second Amendment must always stay intact. 2nd Amendment protects the innocent and passing laws to disarm good people is bad policy and dangerous to American citizens. The ONLY people who obey gun laws are good innocent people, not criminals. No matter what gun law you pass, criminals will always obtain guns. BUT the more gun laws you pass the more unarmed citizens there will be making them easier targets for the armed criminals. If you don’t understand this, you are an ignorant Liberal! LISTEN to the entire phone call below:

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