JUST IN: Violent Thugs Storm Trump’s Motorcade, Then Beat And Rob Supporters

I don’t care whether you support Donald Trump or not, this is just very wrong. Trump made his first appearance in Minnesota after visiting flood ravaged Louisiana to speak with the people there. It was a very smart move on his part and his followers loved it. He made his way to Minneapolis where his greeting was less than warm to say the least.

Violent protesters stormed his motorcade, pounding on his car and jumping on it… then they accosted, beat and robbed Trump’s supporters. This was a private fundraising event by two of the state’s media moguls – the media was barred from the event and Trump did not speak with them before or after the event.

Radicals burned Trump signs and American flags. They assaulted the convention center, pounding on the doors and windows. It was basically a thuggish riot and I’m actually surprised someone wasn’t killed.

From Young Conservatives:

After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump left Louisiana, he eventually made his way to Minnesota.

As usual, the rally was attended by plenty of people.

They didn’t have the best time.

Trump supporters were robbed and beaten just for showing their support.

Gotta love those Hillary fans.

You can blame this directly on the media and the left for repeatedly claiming Trump is racist when there’s been zero proof to back it up.

One Trump supporter was repeatedly punched in the gut outside of the convention center by these animals. Why isn’t the media reporting this? These poor people had to literally run a gauntlet to get out of that convention center while they were punched, kicked and spit on.

Trump supporters have the right and the freedom to assemble and support who they wish. Anyone… and I mean ANYONE who is being violent towards people like this should be arrested and charged by the police.

The protesters were yelling, “Racist!” Along with vulgarities galore. They punched an elderly man… who does that? These supporters basically ran for their lives to escape these monsters.

Tickets to the fundraiser ranged from $1,000 per person to $100,000 per couple. Trump’s campaign would not reveal how many tickets were sold or the size of the fundraising haul. When he said it was private, I guess he meant it.

“People want to live, mind their own business and have a good job, and I think that’s something Donald Trump understands,” former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann said on her way inside. She has known Trump for five years and has advised him on foreign policy and faith issues. “He’s a common-sense guy, not into political correctness,” Bachmann said. “He has turned businesses around, and that’s what he wants to do with the country.”

The demonstration was organized by the Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee. “You’ve got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows,” said Giselda Gutierrez, a demonstrator who lives in Minneapolis. “I think what he’s saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country.”



How much do you want to bet those thugs were paid to get their violence on? Just disgraceful… Minnesota, you are better than this.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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