Virginia Ordered Drivers to Turn in Their Confederate Flag License Plates. Here’s What Happened (VIDEO)


From IJReview: On October 4, 2015, in became illegal to drive with Confederate Flag license plates in Virginia. In anticipation of the new law taking effect, the Department of Motor Vehicles sent warning letters drivers.

Things didn’t turn out quite as planned.

As reported by WAVY-TV:

Kevin Collier of Suffolk is a commander of the Stonewall Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He received a letter last month telling him he had until October 4 to swap out his Confederate flag license plate with a new one without the flag.

Governor Terry McAuliffe called for the change this summer after a man pictured posing with the flag was accused of killing 9 African-Americans in a South Carolina church.

Collier missed the deadline and said he doesn’t plan to comply.

Image Credit: Screen Shot/WAVY-TVImage Credit: Screen Shot/WAVY-TV

He told WAVY that his great-great-great grandfather fought for the Confederacy, implying that he felt duty-bound to honor his heritage:

“I can’t fight on the battlefield like they did, but I can fight however I can in modern times and I’m not giving them plates up.

Next thing you know, they’re going to say you can’t wear blue on Monday…or you can’t wear yellow on Thursday. Where’s it going to end?”

Of the roughly 1,600 Virginia drivers who received the letter, only 187 have returned the Confederate flag plates. Some have sent the replacement plates back to the DMV with “no thank you notes.”

Image Credit: Screen Shot/WAVY-TVImage Credit: Screen Shot/WAVY-TV

The DMV told WAVY that it asked the Sons of Confederate Veterans to help design the new plate, but never heard back from the organization.


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