Voters Report Their Votes Switched from Trump to Hillary in Texas!

The 2016 General Election will soon be coming to a close in less than 2 weeks and early voters are growing concerned that their votes are being tampered with. I remember the first time I voted, I got to vote on a piece of paper by punching out the little paper ‘chad’ next to the candidate’s name I favored. Shortly thereafter I got to actually volunteer in the office where those votes were counted.

A hanging ‘chad’ was a big issue when collecting those ballots. But now American elections have a lot more to worry about than hanging ‘chads’. Most precincts across the country use electronic voting machines. A machine isn’t bad per say unless you have no way of auditing the process by which votes are collected and counted.

Texas elections commission is having a BIG issue with allowing laws to be passed that allows audits of the machines to be done. Recently, Infowars reporter David Knight (VIDEO at the end of this story) questioned the Texas Director of Elections, Keith Ingram, on election fraud. Well… it actually wasn’t much of an interview because when Mr. Ingram realizes what the interview was going to be about he immediately turned around and ran back up the stairs away from the camera. He was being questioned why he, the Director of Elections, continued to issue orders to contravene the law that would give an audit trail for electronic voting machines. If you think that looks suspicious, check out what has been happening with early voting voters this week in Texas.

One lady posted on Facebook that she and her husband went to vote early and they both vote straight ticket. Straight ticket means they can press a button that will vote straight for a particular party if they don’t want to go through the process of clicking beside each candidate. So the lady clicked the straight ticket button and scrolled down to confirm and realized that straight ticket Republican chose Hillary Clinton as her Presidential choice. Now you and I know Clinton is NOT a Republican but for some reason this machine didn’t know that. A machine can’t make a mistake so how could this happen? I have posted her full Facebook post below… it’s really frustrating to see that the elections commission could be so deviant to rig the election by messing with the machines.

Another story takes place in Arlington TX. Mon, Oct 24, 2016 (yesterday). This lady reports that her family member who also voted straight Republican. The same thing happened to her where the vote changed to Hillary Clinton. She made sure her vote was changed back… but what about all those voters who aren’t aware that they’re voting straight Republican ticket equals a Hillary Clinton vote?

VIDEO of Texas Director of Elections running away from simple questions:

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