VP Pence Just Made Shock Announcement About Him & His Wife, He Needs Our Support Now

VP Pence Just Made Shock Announcement About Him & His Wife, He Needs Our Support Now

Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t demand the spotlight, if anything, he tends to avoid it like the plague it can be. However, he stepped forward to make a shocking announcement about him and his wife that nobody was expecting. Now, a big scandal is brewing from it, thanks to the liberal media machine, and they both need our support.

In an interview with The Hill, Pence revealed a little secret about his marriage that’s left others making horrendous accusations about the couple’s “arrangement.” Although the admission was first made in 2012, liberals love controversy and digging one up if they can’t find anything current to complain about.

Along with making America great again, our new administration has made morals important again. Pence has always been honest about his Christian faith and makes no apologies for it, nor does he state his standards without living them every day. However, when he told the news outlet that he has a longstanding personal rule in his marriage to never eat alone with any woman other than his wife, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it did to incensed liberals who said it wasn’t about his Christian faith, but about the Vice President living like an Islamic male imposing Sharia law.

Rather than just accepting this respectable decision to not put himself in a situation that could ever be questionable, the left had to make this admission into something sick. Pence also stated that he avoids events where there will be alcohol served if his wife isn’t going to be with him, which liberals turning into a scandal.


It didn’t take long for Clara Jeffery, the liberal feminist editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, to suggest another “issue” with his admission that’s befitting of her agenda. She claims that the moral grounds that he abides by will be a detriment to women who won’t be hired into “key spots.”

Where was the criticism from these people when married male leader, Bill Clinton, turned the Oval Office into the “Oral Office,” as conservative TV show host Dana Loesch called it. A man shouldn’t be attacked for his morals when others aren’t for not having them.

The fact that these lunatics are trying to draw parallels between this choice and the atrocities and disrespect of women under sharia law just proves their ignorance on Islam. This is precisely why they have no business pushing the acceptance of something they don’t understand while discouraging solid choices like Pence’s that will ensure a lasting and happy marriage.

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