Fla. Walmart 9/11 Tribute Sets A New Low For Tasteless? ‘Please Be A Hoax’

Boy are we hoping that this one is a hoax.

The anniversary of September 11th is this Sunday, and some businesses are capitalizing off of it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with trying to draw in business by having a good-natured deal to honor those who lost their lives in 9/11, such as offering free meals to veterans or members of our current members of our armed forces. At Walmart, they chose a different route at honoring the fallen on 9/11, and they’re a bit more blatant in their marketing strategy.

Twitter user Shawn Richard Tweeted a picture of the display, which presented Coke Zero in place of Ground Zero and spurred thousands of angry retweets about the company’s marketing ploy.

Yikes. Now the most tasteful way they could’ve done it, right?

As catalogued by BizPacReview, the Twitter response was overwhelmingly negative.

This only appeared at one Wal-Mart location, and is now being taken down. According to the New York Post, “Wal-Mart spokesman Charles Crowson told the Orlando Weekly that the display was being taken down. Crowson added that while Wal-Mart approves displays, it’s the companies that present the ideas.”

This should amount to a Marketing 101 lesson in “what not to do” for the company. Unless Wal-Mart was hoping for free publicity from this, I can’t see how this worked as intended.

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