Walmart Bans ‘All Lives Matter’ Bumper Sticker From Its Online Marketplace For Being Offensive

Walmart corporation has officially banned the All Lives Matter bumper sticker from their online stores and websites. The company claimed that it was offensive to use the phrase. I hope this means they got rid of all of there Black Lives Matter apparel as well but I highly doubt it.

The company Domagron had been selling the All Lives Matter bumper sticker as reported to the media by Todd Starnes. It had been doing so for the past nine months with no complaints or issues. The reason for it being removed was for being a prohibited item.

When the owner of Domagron called to ask why Walmart had banned e product they were told by a customer service representative that it was simply a system error and the item would be restored. If only it were that easy! The company was contacted again by Walmart and told the term All Lives Matter was deemed offensive and thus taken down.

Walmart said,

“‘All Lives Matter’ has been deemed an offensive term. These types of items are not appropriate for the Walmart Marketplace.”

Domagron was to immediately contact Walmart to terminate their professional business relationship. The owner told Starnes who told the media,

As a result of Walmart’s blatant discrimination and formal position that “ALL” lives do not matter, we are terminating our relationship with Walmart effective immediately. I am disappointed in your views, but we cannot transact with such a morally corrupt organization.”

When Walmart got the termination letter they immediately reinstated the product once again which led Domagron to once again do business with them. Walmart is known for acting inappropriately professionally. For example, refusing to bake and cook a cake for the retirement party of a police officer where the cake read Blue Lives Matter. In another incident a uniformed officer was refused service in St. Cloud.

The double standard that these liberals have is ridiculous.

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