WalMart Manager Makes Toys For Tots Marine Stand Outside Store

Last week, complaints from a nationwide police union prompted Walmart to remove T-shirts and sweat shirts for sale on its website that say “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter.”

Quite understandably, most police aren’t exactly thrilled with the BLM movement’s anti-cop politics (which far outweigh any concern they claim to have for black lives). On another thought, if those wearing such shirts truly were bulletproof they wouldn’t have much to complain about.

Walmart did damage control quickly on that front, but now they’re under fire for something completely different (and if you ask me, worse).

A veteran Marine and his wife are disappointed after they were asked to take their Toys for Tots campaign outside their local Walmart. But they aren’t the only ones upset, a photo shared online has people outraged.

“The support from the community is unreal I can’t believe it,” the veteran said.

“There was a woman who came up to me and said ‘can I take your picture?’ I said sure, so her husband took my picture and she went from there.”

Thousands of people have shared the picture of John Harkness standing outside of the Medina Walmart on Pearl Rd. The picture was taken by a Medina resident on Saturday, when the weather was brutal, according to the couple.

Much of the feedback received is that it was disrespectful for the Marine to have to stand outside.


According to one woman who spoke to the Veteran, “He was very gracious when I handed him the coffee and thanked me for my donation to Toys For Tots. We talked for a few minutes. That’s when I learned this 69 year old Veteran was not only standing outside out of dedication and honor. He was forced to stand out in the cold and rain because the new Walmart manager had decided that she could make him do it. It is “Her store now”

How lovely…

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