Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Apparel While Removing “Offensive” Christian Apparel

Today in how to lose customers and alienate people: sell apparel in support of an organization many Americans regard to be a terror group.

Wal-Mart has begun selling BLM apparel, which is interesting consider the liberal hostility towards Wal-Mart that has existed for so long due to its reputation as a low-wage employer. They’re trying to sell to people who are never going to buy from them, and alienate those who do. Head over to their website and see for yourselves.


In regards to that last one, seeing shirts reading “Bulletproof” at Black Lives Matter rallies never really made much sense to me. If they were bulletproof, they wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

That aside, look what kind of shirts that Walmart DOESN’T allow. As the Conservative Daily Post reported:

Walmart has made their agenda quite clear to its consumers. They have made no attempt to explain, excuse or rescind their partnership with the terrorist group.

It is also important to remember that Walmart refuses to make cakes with “Blue Lives Matter” on them, they have banned selling anything with the Confederate flag, and they are progressively removing Christian apparel because it is “offensive” to many.

This Christmas, buy American and buy it from your local, small businesses. If you want to be free of the global elitists, vote with your wallet and make them irrelevant.

It was earlier this year that Target alienated millions of their conservative customers when they publicly took a stance on the transgender bathroom “debate,” stating that customers could use whatever rest room they felt aligned with their gender identity. Naturally, many people were worried about perverts abusing the policy.

You’d think similar retailers like Walmart would’ve seen that as an opportunity to cash in and bring over conservatives who were boycotting Target over to their store. Apparently not.




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