Walmart Threatens Teen Christmas Carolers With Police if They Didn’t Vacate Premises (VIDEO)


When a group of Oregon high school students showed up to an area Walmart to serenade shoppers with traditional Christmas carols, they quickly learned that their song service was not welcome.

A Scrooge of a store management at the Klamath Falls location kicked them out and even threatened to call police if they didn’t immediately vacate the premises, according to KOBI-TV.

The Henley High students had kind intentions of spreading their Christmas cheer to stressed out shoppers by staging their impromptu performance at the front of the store near the cash registers. An appreciative woman had been recording the carolers from her cell phone when they were abruptly confronted and forced to leave. She managed to catch the unexpected incident in her footage.

An off camera voice is heard stating that police would be called if the teens didn’t comply with their demand to leave. Following this ridiculous threat, the woman filming is heard shouting, “Are you serious?” KLAS reported.

The respectful singers left Walmart and took their glad tidings to another grocery store in the area where they were reportedly “welcomed and allowed to sing,” according to KOBI.

When teens are engaged in positive activities, it should be welcomed and praised — not punished and threatened with police action. This deplorable decision made by management at this particular Walmart doesn’t encourage good behavior, it makes it seem wrong. Meanwhile, teen thugs can riot and loot willfully in the street without arrest and that’s somehow acceptable.

What would you say to the management of this store who forced these festive kids out? Share your opinion in the comments.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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