A horrifying incident was recently caught on tape where two men were seen entering into a verbal – and borderline physical – altercation. When the wannabe thug of the pair decided to cross the line by punching the other man’s girlfriend in the face, he didn’t know the big mistake he’d just made until it was too late.

It seems as though the woman standing behind her boyfriend was egging on the aggressor until he finally had enough and lashed out. Unbeknownst to him, punching the woman in the face unleashed a monster that destroyed him.

*** Warning:  Foul Language ***

After tussling around for a short period of time, the boyfriend decided to end it by literally lifting the man off his feet and slamming him to the ground. From there, he delivered a series of devastating blows that, over time, rendered the man unconscious – but the beating didn’t stop there. As payback, the woman decided to give the man who hit her a few kicks to the head.

It was only after the woman, who had been punched in the face, pulled her boyfriend off the thug’s motionless body that her man was able to break away from his adrenaline rush. The two were seen then leaving without further incident.

What do you think – did the thug deserve what he got in the end? Will he think twice before putting his hands on a woman again?

-Courtesy of Mad World News

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