WARNING: Cleveland Police Have Issued “Stand Down” Order At RNC- Don’t Travel Alone

If you’re attending the RNC in Cleveland, then make sure you travel with several other people. The historically violent leftists have planned protests in order and you can only imagine that they will become violent like they usually do.

Cleveland police have been issued a stand down order. Do not expect help if a rock hits you in the face.

Travel protected and in packs so the violent leftists can’t harm you.

What’s wrong with the left?

What the left doesn’t understand is that they call people out for things such as racism, violence, etc – but then they show up to parties and conventions where they’re not invited and become violent.

This is equal to high school drama queens who find out they weren’t invited to a particular party, then they toilet paper the persons house and smash their mailbox. Except, the violent left takes it a bit further and people end up injured or arrested.

I have one question for the violent leftist protesters who show up to parties they aren’t invited to – don’t you have a life?

Who wakes up in the morning and thinks “I’m going to that party, even if I’m not really invited, and I’m going to scream at people and throw things and cause chaos!”

You know who does that? Criminals.


Rule  #1 of politics should be to not ever attend the public conventions of the party that you don’t belong to. There’s no point for you to be there. No one listens to you. No one cares what you say or do.

Violent leftist protesters are the loudest people in the world that no one listens to.

You make no points when you’re too busy throwing rocks or lighting American flags on fire. If you hate America so much, then move to another country. Pack up, sell your belongings, and travel the world until you find a location that you’re comfortable in.

Let’s put this in perspective with sports. Would a Dallas Cowboys fan show up at an Eagles rally? No. That would be insanity to the most insane degree.

How about concerts. If you don’t like Beyonce, then would you go to her concert? No.

Movies? Don’t like comedy, but go to a comedy movie. Does that make sense?

Don’t like republicans, but go to a republican convention. Does that make sense either?


None of it would make sense because it’s not logical. Attending events of things of which one does not like is not only illogical, but also, quite frankly, really stupid.

Leftists – don’t you have a life? A family? A better reason to wake up and enjoy your day.

Have you ever seen a leftist smile at the RNC?

I haven’t. So what’s the point of going to something that you don’t like in the first place, and ruining the fun for the people who are there.

You won’t see me at the DNC. I wouldn’t enjoy it, so why would I go?

And I’m not privy on protesting and causing a bad time for others, so why would I do that to democrats?

I don’t agree with many of the leftist core values, but I wouldn’t show up at their party and ruin their fun.

They shouldn’t show up at ours either.

Like I said, if you’re traveling to the RNC in Cleveland this year, then make sure you’re protected and in groups. The Cleveland police are ordered to stand down, but hopefully if there’s something drastic that occurs they do the right thing. They know better as humans when to step in if needed.

Stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

If Cleveland burns down, then I’m sure someone will blame that junkie Johnny Manziel.

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