WARNING: Prominent Muslim Issues Alert That Mosques In America Are Harboring ISIS Members

Ayad Jamal Al-Din is a Shiite cleric and a former member of the Iraqi parliament. He is a well known Iraqi intellectual who advocates for a secular state with religious freedom.

He begun his career advocating for Shiite rights at age 16. He fled Iraq and lived in Syria and Iran. After the US invasion of Iraq, he was elected to the Iraqi parliament. He later resigned when he felt the Shiite dominated parliament was aligning with Iran and moving Iraq towards a Shiite religious state. He believes that the 2010 Iraqi elections are tainted by fraud committed by Shiite radicals. The new parliament launched a backlash against Sunni Arabs that helped lead to the rise of ISIS.

Here he tells Al-Iraqiya TV that fiqh, or Islamic religious law, is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. He says that thousands of mosques all over the world are preparing their followers to join ISIS or similar groups.

This includes American Mosques, particularly like the ones in San Bernardino. These people are harboring and just waiting for the opportune time to strike again.

Like Trump said, we cant trust these people, they dont like us, or our way of life. Why are we immigrating so many people that ultimately want to destroy our way of life?

via SHC

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